ABOUT US:  This daycare is owned by parents, Dawn and Roger Justice.  We have 2 children ourselves.  Roger has been a pilot since 1995, while Dawn worked in restaurants, retail stores and then finally child care.  Dawn has been working in child care since 2003, most of that being as a Director.  For years, we have experienced a few very tough times trying to provide peace of mind that our children were safe.  We have dealt with babysitters, at-home day and night care, ministry-based day cares, and day care centers similar to this one.  We have seen benefits and drawbacks to each, and have seen a broad spectrum of what is acceptable and what unacceptable.  If you are in the same situation that we were in, or simply need someone just to watch your child for a couple of hours a day after school...  we assure you that your needs are our number one concern. Our philosophy is that you, the parent and child are the reason we are in business.  We want to put your mind at total ease when you leave your child in our care, keeping in mind many of the fears that we have had to face...  neglect, abuse, lack of safety, etc.  These threats can be overwhelming to even think about, so we will take these fears out of the equation.

About the Daycare:
Over 7300 square feet of indoor space! All of our rooms have large windows where parents are able to drop by and check on their children unannounced.  Each classroom has closed circuit security cameras, which have proven to be invaluable for ensuring that our staff is adhering to our policies and procedures.  We are heavily focused on providing the best curriculum and equipment, and constantly improving your child's surroundings. 
We are currently level 2 of Paths To Quality.  We will be reaching level 3 soon.  There are 4 levels of Paths to Quality.  We are currently working toward educating our staff and updating our curriculum and equipment to achieve the remaining levels.  Paths of Quality is not a requirement, but it is a voluntary system in which we have chosen to join.  This is not only to ensure that your child is more than adequately prepared for school, but meeting the criteria creates a better learning environment.  For more information on Paths to Quality, please click on this link...  http://www.in.gov/fssa/carefinder/2747.htm

INFANTS: Each infant has their own crib. We change the linens every day. Feeding plan is set by parents and pediatricians. Your child will have plenty of tummy-time, story-time, and we have a lot of furniture to keep your baby entertained.

TODDLERS AND TWOS: Preparatory curriculum every day. Circle time, flashcards, books, songs in which we use teaching shapes, colors, numbers, and alphabet letters. Sensory play includes water, sand, shaving cream, Play-Doh, etc. Arts and crafts- learn to use scissors, glue, paper, and painting. At this age, we start potty-training with your assistance at home. We do have child-sized flushing toilets with hand-washing stations in every classroom.

THREES AND FOURS: Daily preschool curriculum- your child will be learning name, address, phone number, seasons, the calendar, and days of the week. We use flash-cards and memory cards, they take part in story and music time, and dress-play. Weather-permitting, they have 2 half-hour sessions of outside playground time. We have separate boys and girls bathrooms in this classroom. Each child has their own cubby. Daily arts and crafts include painting, cutting, gluing, and sensory play (water, sand, shaving cream, Play-Doh, etc.) and dress-up play. Your child will thrive in this fun learning environment!

SCHOOL-AGERS: Your child chooses from the following areas. Homework time, reading area, lego area, science area, video games, board games, dress-up play, dolls and kitchen area, and arts and crafts area. There is something for everyone and our kids enjoy the variety of activities.

Come in for a tour! We welcome you to tour any time during business hours. However, if you would like a more individual tour, please schedule a time with the Director so that we may answer ALL questions you may have about our child care.

A New Dawn Daycare, Inc.

302 Hunter Station Road

Sellersburg, Indiana, 47172