A New Dawn Daycare, Inc.

302 Hunter Station Road

Sellersburg, Indiana, 47172


ABOUT US:  This daycare is owned by parents, Dawn and Roger Justice.  We have 2 children ourselves.  Roger has been a pilot since 1995, while Dawn worked in restaurants, retail stores and then finally child care.  Dawn has been working in child care since 2003, most of that being as a Director.  For years, we have experienced a few very tough times trying to provide peace of mind that our children were safe.  We have dealt with babysitters, at-home day and night care, ministry-based day cares, and day care centers similar to this one.  We have seen benefits and drawbacks to each, and have seen a broad spectrum of what is acceptable and what is not so acceptable.  If you are in the same situation that we were in, or simply need someone just to watch your child for a couple of hours a day after school...  we assure you that your needs are our number one concern. Our philosophy is that you, the parent and child are the reason we are in business.  We want to put your mind at total ease when you leave your child in our care, keeping in mind many of the fears that we have had to face...  neglect, abuse, lack of safety, etc.  These threats can be overwhelming to even think about, so we will take these fears out of the equation.

-Over 7300 square feet of indoor space!

-Each Classroom and main area is recorded by closed-circuit cameras to make sure that our employees are abiding by our policies and procedures and that your child is always safe.